Standard Terms and Conditions of Business:

1. My quotes are valid for one month.
2. Requoting will take place after this time and notification will be given if prices have changed.
3. If you require any aspect of your project to be changed I reserve the right to requote.
4. If, after commissioning a project, you then request (directly or indirectly) that any aspect of that project be rearranged, curtailed or cancelled then you will be responsible for all costs I have incurred to that point.
5. Work may, at my discretion, be subcontracted, but these sub-contractors will only be chosen because of their high quality and standards of work and because I trust them.
6. Purchase orders will be quoted where given.
7. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights deriving from my work remains with me, unless otherwise agreed and paid for.
8. Costs include a licensing fee for use of my images/videos. This fee will have been determined when taking your brief and is determined by how you will be using the images/videos, where and the purpose.
9. Delivery schedules are estimates and I will use my best efforts to deliver at times stated but shall not be liable for any delays due to causes beyond my control.
10. Invoices become due on delivery of your images/video and are due for payment with immediate effect upon presentation. Invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days from the date of invoice will be reissued with an 8% surcharge. This will be repeated every 30 days until payment is received.
11. Your images/videos will be delivered to you electronically via Dropbox (or We Transfer). If you require further copies there is a £35 retrieval fee per job number. This is to cover costs to find and make your images/videos available again.

Cancellation Policy:
No-one likes to issue or receive an invoice for a cancellation fee and I will avoid doing that wherever possible. However late cancellations cost time and money, and in the case of my drone batteries, their usability.

I do not charge deposits at the time of booking as I am convinced that if I treat you with integrity then you will do the same.

Once a date/time for your work/commission has been agreed we are both entering into a contract to supply that work on that date.

If, for whatever reason, you have to cancel that date you MUST do so 2 days before. A mutually suitable alternative needs to be agreed, as quickly as possible (within 7 days) of contacting me.

If you cancel on the morning of the date of the shoot a fee of: £180 will be charged for Drone services and £75 for stills services. Batteries cannot be left fully charged and are charged the night before a shoot. Cancelling on the day of a scheduled shoot means the life and longevity of the batteries are compromised.

If on arriving on-site we find that the weather is too wet for photography or wet and windy for flying then an alternative date will be booked there and then.

I maintain the right to vary the terms of this policy.


All images/videos are copyright protected, if you wish to use them please get in touch. or 07778 455781. Any unapproved use will be seen as a breach of copyright. Infringers including, but not limited to, website owners, publishers and businesses will be charged a fee equal to a minimum of five times the day rate in force at the time of the infringement being notified. This will be per image.