Each commission is unique, so it is always best to contact me for a quote, but just to get you started here are where my prices start:

Photography Commissions:

  • from £137 per hour plus expenses
  • from £420 for half day plus expenses
  • from £695 for full day plus expenses


  • from £95 for 20-30 min shoot plus expenses

Individual business head shots with time for different poses, different outfits, different backgrounds to suit your brand.

  • from £358 for 4-12 staff plus expenses

Staff head shots captured to suit your brand, your business and your website.

Event Photography:

  • from £98 plus expenses

Attendance at your event for up to 30 minutes.

Product Photography:

  • £12.50/image with a minimum charge of £100 plus editing fee Beautiful images of your products.

Photographic Restorations:

  • from £60/hour (£15 per 15 mins)

I can restore photographs, 35mm negatives and slides. The restored images can then be shared electronically or you can have prints created.

1-2-1 Training:

  • from £65/hour

If you need help understanding what your camera can do. I can provide training to help you get to grips with it.

Camera Appreciation Gift Cards:

  • from £65/hour

The prefect present for someone with a camera who needs a bit of help, needs a bit of inspiration or needs to find their enthusiasm for photography again.

Photo Books:

  • Books start from £45 plus time for scanning and layout

Do you need somewhere to showcase your beautiful photographs or need a gift for a special occasion or event? Then a bespoke photo book is the answer.


  • This is a rough guide to my pricing and does not include time for setting up equipment nor mileage – which is only applicable when appropriate.
  • There is a fee for editing, processing, preparing and licensing your images ready for your use. You will receive an agreed number of shots from the shoot.
  • If you require extra images from your shoot – a fee applies; if you wish to have your images in black and white as well as colour – a fee applies; if you need your images in High Resolution as well as low resolution – a fee applies.
  • You will receive your images electronically via Dropbox or We Transfer.
  • Your images are your responsibility. You will need to download them from Dropbox and file them onto your system – in a timely manner. A back-up is also recommended. If, for some reason, you misplace or lose your images I can retrieve them from my system. There is a fee of £35 per separate job.
  • All of this will be discussed before the shoot when we are sorting out the brief for the work. I will be as flexible as possible and give you as much of my time, experience and skills as possible to help you achieve what you need, within your budget.

Non-approved use of my images

All images are copyright protected, if you wish to use them please get in touch. Call 07778 455681 or email: mail@joannecooper.biz

Any unapproved use will be seen as a breach of copyright. Infringers including, but not limited to, website owners, publishers and businesses will be charged a fee equal to a minimum of five times the day rate in force at the time of the infringement being notified. This will be per image.