Decided this morning that I should get to work on my website. I have all the skills, knowledge and ideas now all that’s missing is – time. I did my long commute to the office – the 8 steps across the landing – and switched on computer. Whilst computer was firing up I dug out all of my notes, sheets of information and the A4 notebook with all my ‘How to edit my Website’ instructions.

I spent a couple of minutes reminding myself how to get into the admin part of the website and started clicking. It’s then that I encountered a screen telling me that maintenance was occurring and I needed to wait.

‘OK.’ I thought and went off to make a cup of tea. I came back to find it still performing this maintenance so I decided to switch computer off and on again. At that point windows decided that it needed to do updates.

‘OK.’ I thought again I have not seen it do this for a while so I considered it may take some time. After an hour it was still only on 48% so I decided to go and make some lunch. It was at this point that the scaffolders arrived.

We are having the outside of the house painted and the painter will not tackle it without scaffolding – sensible man. The back of the house had been done on Friday but they had arrived to do the rest. After lunch I went back to office by which time the scaffolding was up to the first floor and RIGHT OUTSIDE THE OFFICE WINDOW.

The computer was sorted and raring to go but the racket from the scaffolders was giving me a headache. I tried working and ignoring. I tried putting some music on but i was competing against their music and of course I had the window open because it’s such a beautiful day. OK I thought this is not working I need to be somewhere quiet. What are my options?

I consulted the book of Face and guess what all sorts of suggestions, which I shall make use of at other times in the future, arrived. It was only when Lisa, who runs Clarkson Accountancy, said they had a spare desk in their office and would be working until around 6pm that I thought – perfect.

Your network of buddies is a great network and a wonderful place to be. I thank all those that made suggestions they were all great in their own way.

House has now been painted and looks bloody lovely.